What is Custom Video?
  • Coldwell Banker has had the most effective advertising in real estate for 10 years running. Now through the end of the year, we are pleased to provide the ability to create custom video content that is easier and more robust than ever. Personalize the brand’s national ads or create a fully custom and localized Coldwell Banker Way video with your own footage in minutes. Change the mountain scenery to an ocean front oasis, add your company’s name to the yard sign or custom claims about your market, achievements and more. Plus, no waiting for edits to be made as you can download videos instantly to share on YouTube, social media and more.
Where can I find Custom Video?

To access customizable videos, visit Desk > Click on Marketing Center tile > New Projects > CUSTOM VIDEO.

How do I login?
  • After choosingCustom Videoon MARKETING CENTER, Select “Login with Brand Email”
  • You will then be automatically logged in to Custom Video and can proceed to creating your videos.
I don’t see the Custom Video link in Dash. Who should I reach out to?
Who has access to Custom Video?
  • Custom Video is open to all, including agents, for a limited time through the end of this year.
How much does Custom Video cost?
  • Custom video is currently available at no additional charge.
Is there a demo I can watch?
What can be customized?
  • Customized elements are pre-determined by Coldwell Banker per template.

End card Templates keeps all content the same within the video, but allows you to personalize the end card with company/agent/team name, number, email, URL, or License #.

Can I add my personal logo to a video?
  • We do not allow for individual agent or team logos on the current templates offered. Stay tuned for more templates that will have additional customizable options!
Can I upload my own video footage?
  • Yes! You can upload your own footage to be added to your video on select templates. Currently, the Coldwell Banker ______ Way & the By The Numbers templates are the ones that support custom video upload. Hover over the (i) info button to view the specs for upload.
Can I enter a foreign language?
Where does my video download?
  • After creating and proceeding to download your video, you will land on a confirmation page with a download button for you to save your file to your device. Links are also provided for easy access to share your video to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (on mobile devices). You can return to the "Order History" area in your account to download your video for 30 days after creation if needed.
Where can I use my video? How do I use my video?
  • Good news! You can share your customized video on your social media sites - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, within emails and other forms of digital communications. Certain elements like music are not licensed for broadcast use - aka, TV commercials.
How long do my custom videos last?
  • Your download link for your video expires 12 months after creation, or upon expiration of the video license as specified in the terms.
Are custom videos digital only?
  • Yes, custom videos are cleared for digital use only at this time.
Can I use my video for broadcast television media?
  • No. These videos are available for digital use only currently.


I have some suggestions for the site, where can I send my feedback?
  • We’re all ears! If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the FAQs, or are experiencing technical difficulties give us a shout at support@morphme.io. We’d love to hear how we can improve your experience.
I accidentally entered in wrong information and downloaded my final video - how can I fix that?
  • We hate when that happens, too! Reach out to us directly at support@morphme.io- we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
What if I can’t download my video?

Please reach out to support@morphme.io, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

For all other questions/comments/concerns, please reach out to support@morphme.io.